• If you are in the area, we hope that you will come by and visit us! We are located at the corner of Elm and West Main in Norwich.

    At Emmanuel we work to try and "respect the dignity of every human being", following what Jesus taught in loving God and loving one another. I hope you'll take a moment and email me your comments and let me know if you will be visiting us or if you would like to get together for a chat. May all of our paths, indeed, our whole Earth, be illumined by the light of God in Christ!

    Father Chuck
    The Very Rev. Charles G. Taylor
    Emmanuel Episcopal Church

Laugh Out Loud: The professional

A woman hurried into a pharmacy to get medication, got back to her car and found that she had locked her keys inside. She found a rusty old coat hangar on the ground. She looked at it and said, “I don’t know how to use this.” She bowed her head and asked God to send … Continue reading

Messenger Throwback 1

June 2014 Monthly Prayers

Please remember these parish families in your prayers May 25 – June 1: Aiden, Morgan, Amy & Jonathon Rogers; Chuck Rogers; Martha & Walter Rogers. June 2 to June 8: Sharon Ryan; John Sayko; Peggy Seiler; Elaine Sharki; Betty Shorter. June 9 to June 15: Pete Smith & Laurel Wilbank; Sarah, Steven, Amy & Bill … Continue reading

June Birthdays

1 – James Everard 7 – Pierce Smith 8 – Victoria Kappel 9 – William Lindner 11 – Alexandria Fink; Gary Woodard; Jordan Smith 12 – Jonathon Austin 15 – Patti Ann Gladstone 16 – Sharon Everard; Shaylee Horton 17 – Maxwell Morris William and Gloria “Scottie” Decker 18 – Dottie Mattice; Ryan Loeffler 21 – … Continue reading

Celebrating 200 Years at St. Andrew’s

This year we are celebrating St. Andrew’s 200th Anniversary. It is good to celebrate. We are looking back over the 200 years and as we look back we also look forward to what’s in store for St. Andrew’s in the years to come. Looking back over the years, we have seen God’s blessings in so … Continue reading

Father Chuck Files: I know it when I see it

“I know it when I see it.” Back in 1964 Supreme Court Justice Potter Stuart said this when dealing with a difficult case. Can you identify with “I know it when I see it?” There are so many things in life that are hard to define. This morning’s sunrise was, well, how would you describe … Continue reading

May Birthdays

1 — Michelle Brummel 2 — Daniel Cassavaugh; Kari Loomis 3 — George Brummel; Paul Jones 4 — Lacey Duell; Zacariah Harris 5 — Levi Fink; Liam Fink 7 — Van Mason; Jessica Wood 10 — Eleanor Champlin; Myra MacDuff; Tammy May 11 — Casey Lynn Markham 13 — Kobie Decker 17 — Connor Zampetti 19 — … Continue reading

May 2014 Monthly Prayers

Please remember these parish families in your prayers April 27-May 4: Sally & Fred Miers; Jason Morris: Aiden, Jacob, Madelyn, and Megan Morris. May 5-May 11: Emily, Nathan, Nicholas, Bridget, Jordan, Ashley, Miranda, & Michael Murphy. May 12-May 18: Helen & Mike Murray; Betty Nolan; Bennett, Christian, Stephanie, & Tim Paden. Michael & Nancy McGibbon. … Continue reading

Moving Through Easter

The journey through Easter is one of movement. It began with a stone being moved from the entrance to the tomb. The women moved from the tomb to the room where the disciples had holed up in fear. The disciples moved on the road to Emmaus and off to wait for the Holy Spirit at … Continue reading

Father Chuck Files: Remembering the Air

A great organist was playing a masterful concert. The audience had been moved to their feet several times in delight and appreciation for the performance. He is moved to proclaim to the audience that “Yes, this is my best performance ever!”


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