• If you are in the area, we hope that you will come by and visit us! We are located at the corner of Elm and West Main in Norwich.

    At Emmanuel we work to try and "respect the dignity of every human being", following what Jesus taught in loving God and loving one another. I hope you'll take a moment and email me your comments and let me know if you will be visiting us or if you would like to get together for a chat. May all of our paths, indeed, our whole Earth, be illumined by the light of God in Christ!

    Father Chuck
    The Very Rev. Charles G. Taylor
    Emmanuel Episcopal Church

LOL: The Good Samaritan

A Sunday School teacher was telling her class the story of the good Samaritan. She asked the class, “What would you do if you found a person lying beside the road hurt and bleeding?” A little girls raised her hand and said, “I think I would throw up.”

September 2014 Monthly Prayers

Please remember these parish families in your prayers September 1 to September 7– Aiden, Morgan, Amy & Jonathan Rogers; Chuck Rogers. September 8 to September 14-Sharon Ryan; John Sayko; Peggy Seiler; Elaine Sharki; and Betty Shorter. September 15 to September 21– Pete Smith & Laurel Wiltbank; Sarah, Steven, Amy & Bill Spittler. September 22 to … Continue reading

September Birthdays

3-Cynthia Thompson 4– Michael Murray; Jessica Stone 5– Richard D. Ingraham; Meghan Lippa 7-Grace Gustafson; Brendon Burchill; Cassandra Sullivan 9– Melissa Osterhout 10-Anne Tucker; Nora Thompson 11– Megan Harris; Patrick Woodard 15– Alexa Harris-Dyer 21– Tyler Lindner 26– James Keator; Carter Supensky; Teresa Woodard 28-Sabrina Fink; Jennifer Miller; Scott Murray 29-Alyssa MacIntosh; Kiana Smith 30-Carole … Continue reading

Where do you find God in Creation?

When a young student goes back to school, one of the first assignments involves writing about your summer adventures. So, how was your summer? Did you travel or just stay at home? Our vacation involves going to Acadia National Park later in September. We are looking forward to hiking and standing on top of Cadillac … Continue reading

Father Chuck Files: Welcoming All

Someone said there is no such thing as a free lunch. It’s not true. We  sponsor several free meals through out the year. Let’s hope that we never lose sight of hospitality as it is at the heart of our being the church. Sadly, I heard of a church that voted  not to invite newcomers … Continue reading

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July/August 2014 Monthly Prayers

In July: June 30 to July 6- Patricia White; Mary Alice Whitney; Corry, Curtis, Joanne & Patrick Woodard. July 7 to July 13- Sabrina Yaccariono; Connor, Shaun, Deborah & Victor Zampetti. July 14 to July 20-David Austin; Fynlee, Liam, Rachel & William III, Ballin; Alice Angle. July 21to July 27- Jan Brady; Audrey Bramer; Gary … Continue reading

August Birthdays

2-Alice Stevens; Robert Smith &Penny Davis-Smith 3-Jacob Jenkins 5-Paige Stone; Wyatt Uhlig 7- Janice Brady 9-Daneil Wells; Patricia Woodard 12-Mattew Robinson; Gary Muserallo & Deb Cassavaugh 14-Bennett Paden; Nita Robinson; Aiden Morris 16-Mariba Chmielewski; Greg Baker 17- Sandra Colton 18-Rick & Karen Ingraham 19-Quinton Sheridan 21-Allison Everard 23-Matthew Schlafer 24-Matthew Giglio 27-Everett Wells; Florence Hand … Continue reading

July Birthdays

2-Abbigayle Wilkes 3- Joyce Lawrence 4-Walt Prindle 8-Averie Fink; John Aylesworth 10-Kai Loomis; Tambria Schroeder; Mercer Smith 13- Katherine Porter 14- James Carnachan; Marlena Carnachan; Margo Carnachan Reynolds. 15- Michael Gladstone 17- Linda Mason 19- Jason Murray 20- Cody Duell 21- Larry McMaster 23-DeWitt Smith; Landen Stone; Suzanne Callahan 24- Ashley Wilkes; Juilan Kappel 25- … Continue reading


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