• If you are in the area, we hope that you will come by and visit us! We are located at the corner of Elm and West Main in Norwich.

    At Emmanuel we work to try and "respect the dignity of every human being", following what Jesus taught in loving God and loving one another. I hope you'll take a moment and email me your comments and let me know if you will be visiting us or if you would like to get together for a chat. May all of our paths, indeed, our whole Earth, be illumined by the light of God in Christ!

    Father Chuck
    The Very Rev. Charles G. Taylor
    Emmanuel Episcopal Church

August Birthdays

2-Alice Stevens; Robert Smith &Penny Davis-Smith 3-Jacob Jenkins 5-Paige Stone; Wyatt Uhlig 7- Janice Brady 9-Daneil Wells; Patricia Woodard 12-Mattew Robinson; Gary Muserallo & Deb Cassavaugh 14-Bennett Paden; Nita Robinson; Aiden Morris 16-Mariba Chmielewski; Greg Baker 17- Sandra Colton 18-Rick & Karen Ingraham 19-Quinton Sheridan 21-Allison Everard 23-Matthew Schlafer 24-Matthew Giglio 27-Everett Wells; Florence Hand … Continue reading


PHOTO: Up in the Belfry

Harmon TenWolde and Dave Loomis are in the belfry.

July/August 2015 Events

JULY 3 – Church Office CLOSED JULY 13 & 14 – Chenango District Work Day, The North Pitcher Church/Community Center, 1069 State Highway 26, North Pitcher, NY 8:30 am JULY 15 – Chenango District Youth Trip to Old Forge and Water Safari – Bus leaves at 8am in front of St. Andrew’s. You can carpool … Continue reading

Ebola Survivor Credits ‘Mighty God’

Dr. Kent Brantly, a U.S. medical missionary who contracted the Ebola virus last summer in Liberia, credits a “mighty God” – and lots of prayers—for his survival. After recovering from the disease, Brantly returned to the North Carolina headquarters of Samaritan’s Purse, the group he’d been working with in Africa. He spoke about Deuteronomy 6, … Continue reading

A God-created Super Star

“God made…the great light to rule the day…” (Genesis 1:16: NRSV). The first biblical description of Creation reveals that God made the sun—a truly amazing body of light. At the sun’s center (where the temperature reaches 15 million degrees!), every second, 600 million tons of hydrogen fuse into 596 million tons of helium. The 4 … Continue reading

A Celebration of Young Talents

We are looking for youth from 5th to 12th grade to participate in our Celebration of Young Talents. Please come to 3 rehearsals to learn the music for our Sunday service. Also, please create or bring something that you already created to show any of your other talents; artwork, photographs, sculptures, poems, essays, carvings, etc. … Continue reading

Finding God in your Daily Life

Let’s see, we have celebrated Lent, Easter, and presently, we are in the season of Pentecost. It’s about halfway to Advent and Christmas. Today is bright, sunny, and muggy. School is almost out and if you are out of school you are ready for some down time. Everyone it seems is ready for a break, … Continue reading


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