Welcome to the Norwich Emmanuel Episcopal Church

WELCOME! Thanks for joining us on our webpage! We hope that it provides some food for thought as you look at our programs and activities. If you are in the area, we hope that you will come by and visit us! We are located at the corner of Elm & West Main in Norwich.

This Church is a place dedicated to the belief that a life of faith can play a significant role in the journey of every human being. Faith gives us away to see beyond ourselves. It connects us with other people on the same journey, hopefully to encourage one another. Talking honestly about the journey is important and as Christians, the troubles and the triumphs of life that weallexperience become an adventure we share in hope. We know that Christianity is a mystery that must be experienced and embraced. We feel that doubt isn’t a bad thing, it is a natural thing. In fact, we see asking honest questions as a springboard for learning and growing in the faith.

At Emmanuel we work to try and “respect the dignity of every human being”, following what Jesus taught in loving God and loving one another. I hope you’ll take a moment and email me your comments and let me know if you will be visiting us or if you would like to get together for a chat. May all of our paths, indeed, our whole Earth, be illumined by the light of God in Christ!


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