Annual Chenango District Cleans Up Flood, Helps Infirmed


The annual Chenango District held a work day July 15, 2013, in Sherburne, NY.

Each year, Episcopalians from all over the county gather to show God’s love in action by taking on projects to help aged or infirmed residents, and this year’s flood victims.

The work has included clearing overgrown yards and gardens, scraping, painting, staining, digging, planting, cleaning, and minor repairs. The work site is rotated each year to one of the Chenango villages, and the work projects help any residents in need, regardless of religious affiliation.

This year in Sherburne, teams worked on staining worn decks, clearing overgrown garden beds, scraping old paint, and shoveling mud and muck out of a flooded garage. Helpers ranged in age from 7 to retired and know better. With many hands, a daunting task is quickly finished with wonderful camaraderie.

The group gathers after a half day of labor to eat pizza and ice cream and socialize.


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