Father Chuck Files: Making Excuses

Shield Final.jpegWhen you make a mistake, do you own up to it or do you make excuses? We all have our own excuses for not following through on our good intentions, especially when it comes to our discipleship.

Who among us doesn’t feel the tug of trying to balance daily activities with the faith that we profess? We all have the demands of bills to pay, life to live and people to encounter on a regular basis. And in the midst of life Jesus makes a claim on our life as we are called to follow.

Christianity is not an exercise of excuse making to justify or to lay the blame of falling short at the feet of other people.

The walk calls for us to walk the walk, talk the talk, and yes, even to fall short every now and then.

When we fall short, we own up and make no excuses.

Finally, to end this, I want to share an amusing concept that came to my attention some time ago. It is called “No Excuse Sunday.”

“To make it possible for everyone to attend church we will have a “No Excuse Sunday:”

  1. Cots will be placed in the vestibule for those who like to sleep in on Sunday.
  2. We will have steel helmets for those who say, “The roof will cave in if I come to church.”
  3. Blankets will be available for those who say it is too cold and fans for those who think it’s too hot.
  4. We will have hearing aids for those who say they can’t hear and cotton for the ears of those who think I am too loud.
  5. There will be t. v. dinners made available for those who can’t come to church and cook dinner at the same time.
  6. Score cards will be available to keep track of those you consider to be hypocrites who are in attendance.
  7. One section of the church will have grass and trees and maybe a putting green to please our nature lovers and golfers.
  8. Finally, the sanctuary will have both poinsettias and lilies for those who have never seen church without them.

Amusing? But in all seriousness, God is calling you and our parishes to follow the path of discipleship. When you hear the call, will you make an excuse or will you respond in faithfulness?


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