Father Chuck Files: What’s Your Passion?

Shield Final.jpegMany years ago Soren Kierkegaard said that the church was in danger, not because of sin, but because of a lack of passion.

So, what’s your passion?

I’ve been asking people this for some time. Answer carefully, it speaks volumes about you.

When I was much younger one of my favorite clergy was Fr. Fritz Walker. He used to tell us kids that he loved to talk to God. I was in awe of Fr. Walker for actually having talked to God.

Me, at that young age, never spoke with God, not once! Fr. Walker had a passion for speaking with God. When I was thinking about this I remembered that Fr. Fritz would always quote scripture after speaking with God. Now I get it. God spoke to him in scripture. God would come to him and move him by the words in the Bible. Fr. Fritz had a passion for God through God’s Word.

I believe that God is speaking all the time. All we’ve got to do is listen. Does God speak to you? As a disciple, do you have a “passion for The Passion?”

A “passion for the Passion” is a phrase that the now deceased Episcopal Priest, Robert Capon, used in a book. It is in his words, “a wild romance with the incarnate Word who reigns in every creature.”

I have always been proud to be an Episcopalian and this is rooted in the belief that the Episcopal Church is vital because we have a passion for Christ’s passion for us. We are a people who have been caught up in a passion that burns deep for God’s grace, love and justice.

As one of my evangelical friend puts it, “Is your soul on fire for God?” Does your heart jump for joy knowing that you are precious in God’s eyes? Do you have a passion for the Passion?”

If not, or if you want to grow in your journey, try some of these:

  • Investigate and spend time reading God’s Word in scripture.
  • Develop your prayer life and the Passion will draw closer.
  • Use your spiritual gifts and act like one filled with the Passion.

What are you passionate about?


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