Father Chuck Files: Take Back Monday

It is Monday morning and I am writing this column. Blah!!! Back on the clock and working, do you know the feeling? Friday offered so much promise, some play time but now all that is but a blur as the reality of back to work presses me to finish this article for printing.

It’s 5:30 a.m. and I am drinking my 5th cup of coffee and listening to depressing songs that testify to the sentiment of, “Monday, the day that Sunday threw up.” Songs like the Mamas and Papas “Monday, Monday” or “Blue Monday” by New Order.

Statistically, Monday is not just a bummer day to start the week but a day of danger. Accidents in the work place and more strokes occur on Monday than any other day of the week. It’s enough to make me grab cup number 6 and an aspirin.

But before we all write Monday off as a dark disappointing start to another week of drudgery let’s try and reclaim the day and see it as a great opportunity to put our faith into action. Now you may well be thinking that everyday should be a day to engage in mission and ministry and you are right.

But Monday is a wonderful way to start the week by doing good for others. You may gain a habit worth keeping. The simple practice of being hospitable will make someone’s day brighter and show God’s grace working through you. As followers of Jesus, you and I have a wonderful opportunity to serve others through words of encouragement and actions that speak of Christ at work within us.

Now as much as I would like to crawl back under the covers for some rest, I thank God for today, Monday. I am out the door and ready to represent Christ in the world. We are a mission oriented people. God has a mission for our church and for you. May your days be bright and may God’s grace shine in us.


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