Father Chuck Files: What Story are You Telling?

We all tell the story of God by how people experience us day to day.

When people see us, they see in us the part that we play in God’s story. God’s story is one of good news.

It’s mysterious. It’s about love. It’s seen in the Gospels, it’s seen in us.

So, what story are you sharing? I am calling this to your attention as we come to the new year 2014. It has been said that we might be the only gospel some folks will ever read. You may be the only sermon that some will ever hear. My prayer for all of us is that they will look at us and see the good news in action.

What will people see in you this coming year? Will it be a message that exhibits the cold of –10 degrees that we are experiencing this morning or will it be one of the unseasonable warmth that they are calling for on Friday?

Will you respect the dignity of all or will you write off and be disrespectful of those who are different? Will people choose to be in your presence or will they run at your sight?

Again, what will people see in you this coming year?

It’s that time for New Year’s resolutions and just perhaps we can adopt a new way for those to clearly hear and see how much God’s story has transformed us.

This just might be the year to shower others with kindness and warmth. It could be an opportunity to build stronger relationships with other church members.

Or this could be a year for us to reengage in our desire to learn more about our faith by attending Christian education opportunities.

Perhaps you have always wanted to take on a caring ministry and now you can decide to make a passionate effort so others will see your commitment to God and His church.

Or maybe it is time to just take on your own personal relationship with God and deepen your own faith journey.

Can you teach and old dog new tricks? Yes, and we can be transformed and made new.

We can develop Christian qualities in our own personal journey and as a faith community to build each other up.

People are hungry to be a part of God’s story. And you and I play a part in witnessing to this story as we care for one another and our communities.

What story are you sharing about God in your life?


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