Father Chuck Files: The Spirit and Season of Lent

photoWhen was the last time you took a pair of shoes to be resoled?

I took a pair of my favorite boots to be resoled and was told that they don’t do that anymore.

“Toss em out and get a new pair!” is what I was told.


So, I’m going to wear them till they got holes in the sole. Seems sad to me that we live in a throwaway culture. With our landfills overflowing and the dwindling of resources plus pollution we are not taking very good care of mother earth.

And are you still following your resolution to eat healthier in 2014? I am still trying to quit the candy, ice cream and a chip diet. I am trying to stop doing things that hurt my health. I know that some of my old ways aren’t good for me. I once heard it said that if you want to dig a new hole, you don’t dig the old hole deeper. Sometimes this is exactly what we do when we are trying to change our ways.

Rehabilitated smokers may know what I mean, if you stop smoking only to indulge in eating and gain 50 pounds then maybe you need a new plan. It is possible to change destructive behavior. But it isn’t easy.

Maybe Lent is a time stop those things that get in the way of drawing closer to God. It takes a great deal of energy to dedicate oneself to incorporate devotion to our spiritual growth. One must be intentional and seek ways that assist on the faith filled journey of Lent.

One day St. Francis was hoeing his garden and someone asked him, “What would you do if you knew that you only had one day to live?” He responded, “I would keep on hoeing my garden.“

Could this be a metaphor for our season of Lent? We can have a new spirit, a new way of being, but only if we are willing to keep on growing. We can have a new beginning by relying on one another as a faith community and by not just recycling old behaviors. I commend to you a new beginning with your relationship to God and with all of God’s children.

The change we seek just won’t happen by wishing but by doing. We can claim that power that comes from a deeper relationship with God, who seeks us to draw closer. Try it, you might grow in your faith journey!


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