March 2014 Monthly Prayers

Please remember these parish families in your prayers

23 February to March 2– Rosalyn & Gregory Grosvenor; Grace Gustafson; Florence Hand; Zacaria, Brooke, Megan, Kristin & Joseph Harris.

March 3 to March 9 – James Haynes, Jr.; Lance Henderson; Ilene & Raymond Herrington; Barbara Higley; Deborah & Mark Hitchcock.

March 10 to March 16– James Houghtaling; Karen & Richard Ingraham; Jacob, Jennifer Jenkins; Madalyn, Gretchen & Paul Jones.

March 17-23– Victoria Kappel; Nancy Karaman & Harold Palmer; Devin, Savanna, Belinda, & James Keator.

March 24-30– Russell Ketch; Carrie Sue Lacoe; Joyce & William Lawrence; William, Tyler, Karen Banks– Lindner & Richard Lindner.

March 31 to April 6– Kai & David Loomis; Caleb, Rachel, Cheryl, & Michael Loomis.


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