Father Chuck Files: Remembering the Air

A great organist was playing a masterful concert. The audience had been moved to their feet several times in delight and appreciation for the performance.

He is moved to proclaim to the audience that “Yes, this is my best performance ever!”


While he is doing this the custodian who has been placed in charge of blowing air into the pipes of the magnificent organ joins him on stage and adds, “Yes, this is our most magnificent performance ever!”

The maestro is distressed at the nerve of the man. “What do you mean? Did we attend the music conservatory? Did you practice everyday? When did you reach deep into your soul and evoke such beauty as my music?”

The custodian slinks off.

As the organist places his hands on the keys and his feet on the pedals to start the second set nothing happens. No music. And he tries again with a bit more force and still nothing happens. Everyone begins to know at the same time that the custodian is not providing the air.

Then the great musician stands up and he thanks the custodian for his labor and his faithfulness over the years. He returns to his bench, places his hands on the keys and feet on the pedals and beautiful music fills the place.

I hope that you get the point and that we remember where it is that we get our air and that we are thankful. Especially, during Easter we are called to witness thankfully to promises of everlasting life, hope, peace, and renewal that are part of the Resurrection.

We are to share the good news that Jesus is alive and well and active in life. During Easter take time to sense the risen Christ’s presence in your daily life. Make some time to see the face of Christ in an unlikely face. Share an experience with someone to uplift them in a time of need by just being there for them. But most importantly, during Easter let’s not forget to thank God from where our air and life flow.

Alleluia, Christ is risen.
The Lord is risen, indeed, Alleluia!


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