Celebrating 200 Years at St. Andrew’s

This year we are celebrating St. Andrew’s 200th Anniversary. It is good to celebrate. We are looking back over the 200 years and as we look back we also look forward to what’s in store for St. Andrew’s in the years to come.

Looking back over the years, we have seen God’s blessings in so many ways. We remember all who have gathered here for nourishment and comfort. Some of you reading this may have been married here, you may have been baptized and confirmed here, you may have said good-bye to loved ones here and you have come here to find a meaningful connection between scripture and your everyday life. This time of remembrance from whence we have come is intended to give us strength and faith and insight so that we can carry the torch into the future.

Many have loved this church and we love it still. We love the people who have gone before and you are loved as well. We give thanks to all those who have gone before us and I give thanks for you. Please join us as we celebrate this year. It is good to celebrate our past but we need to keep looking ahead. We all have a part to play. Everyone involved in the life of St. Andrew’s is important. We are all a part of an exciting adventure following Jesus.


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