Father Chuck Files: I know it when I see it

“I know it when I see it.”

Back in 1964 Supreme Court Justice Potter Stuart said this when dealing with a difficult case. Can you identify with “I know it when I see it?”

There are so many things in life that are hard to define. This morning’s sunrise was, well, how would you describe it? Or the wind that threw things all about last night, how would you describe it?

The wind is on my mind as we approach the story of the powerful breeze that blew through Jerusalem that first Pentecost. What a mighty wind it must have been, as it whipped and churned its way, as it blew through Jerusalem, as it turned the lives of the disciples completely upside down. They were injected with the powerful force of the Spirit that sent them out into the world witnessing to God’s powerful presence in Jesus.

The once fear filled followers were now empowered to spread the good news. They went forth and carried with them not only a message but a Presence accompanied them that helped them overcame the fear. And the world has never been the same. They caught the power that accompanied the wind and the force of that holy wind continues to blow into our lives as well. How do you measure the power of that wind and how does it move you to witness?

My birddog, Coal loves a windy day. When hunting with me she finds birds better with the wind blowing into her face. With her nose held high and drawing in the scents, she is at her best. She draws in the smells that blow her way. She is ecstatic as she senses a world beyond her kennel. And hopefully, we find a grouse or two in the process.

The Pentecost winds are blowing, can you sense them? They carry us to a world beyond our own powers to visit. The Spirit blows where it wills and it chooses to blow into us. When it does may you know it and use it to witness to a love that God chooses to share with all.


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