July/August 2014 Monthly Prayers

In July:

June 30 to July 6- Patricia White; Mary Alice Whitney; Corry, Curtis, Joanne & Patrick Woodard. July 7 to July 13- Sabrina Yaccariono; Connor, Shaun, Deborah & Victor Zampetti.

July 14 to July 20-David Austin; Fynlee, Liam, Rachel & William III, Ballin; Alice Angle. July 21to July 27- Jan Brady; Audrey Bramer; Gary & Patsy Brookins; Brendan Burchill.

In August:

July 28 to August 3- Ryan, Jonathon, Emily, Michelle & George Brummel; Bonnie Carrier.

August 4 to August 10- Stephen & Tammy Cady; Frank & Doris Carnachan; Deborah Carnachan; Carole


August 11 to August 17- Jamie Carrier Maistros; Gary Muserallo & Deb Cassavaugh; Eleanor Champlin;

Mariba Chmielewski; May Lou Christman.

August 18 to August 24-Sandra Colton; Myah, Sierra, Tamara & Terrance Conant;

William & Gloria Decker.

August 25 to August 31- George & Gina Denning; Helen Donahe; Bernie Dye; Ben and Nancy Dye.


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