Father Chuck Files: A Challenge for You

Our five year old granddaughter, Lyla, was learning the “Pledge of  Allegiance.” There are some tricky words to recite but Lyla seemed to only have trouble at the ending. Her words if I rightly recall were, “with liberty and beyond” rather than “with liberty and justice for all.”

One of the basic tenets of our country is “justice for all.” Are you aware of what it means to do justice to another person? Do you do justice to God? Doing justice to God demands that we return to God that which has been entrusted to us. Doing justice to God means returning to God the creativity, care and compassion God has freely given us.

The God that I know is a caring God; The One whom through the Holy Spirit breathes on us   kindness, love, and mercy.  How can we show other people that we share this same care and do justice? How many of you reading this can go a full day without saying a negative word about another person? Yes, you can do it right?  I’ll bet it is harder than you think and the truth is that it is very difficult.

If you can’t go a full 24 hours without cutting  someone down to size or saying unkind words, you’ve got a problem with doing justice to all.

Let’s work on this together as we refrain from all hurtful and unfair talk. Watch how you respond to those you struggle to get along with and if you do argue be fair. When you speak with others show kindness, compassion, and understanding  for their point of view. Use words that heal rather than hurt. Be the  peacemaker and seek justice for all.

So, here’s the challenge: Go a full day without saying unkind, hurtful words about others. And please let me know how you do.



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