Father Chuck Files: Trust God day by day

Here we are in March and I am looking back to one of the resolutions I made for 2015.

I was going to lose some weight. Guess what, I am doing it , but I do miss those double cheeseburgers with fries for lunch. I still have a way to go and I doubt I’ll get back to my high school weight goal. I feel a lot healthier.

I have the same goal for my spiritual life. I may never get to where I want to be in my relationship with God. I want to be close and tight with God. Just when I start to feel good about it, I slip up and fall short. You know the feeling, I try so hard, one step forward and then it’s two steps back. Then I fall back on the promise of never failing grace and love.

One day a rabbi was teaching his students about the miracle of the manna in the wilderness, one of the students asked, “why didn’t God give them enough manna for the full journey?” The rabbi gave him this parable, Once there was a rich man who had a son to whom he promised an annual allowance. Every year on the same day he gave the son the allowance. After a while it came that the father only saw his son on the day he was to receive the allowance. So, the father changed his plan and gave the son only enough for the day. If the son wanted to receive his allowance he had to return the next day. The father then saw his son every day. I believe that God wants to see us and be with us every day. The point is to trust God day by day and our challenge is to maintain the relationship.

How many days do you wake up in need of encouragement to face the daily routine? Or come to the end of the day and wondered where you would get the strength to face tomorrow’s challenges? If we are to face each day with courage and hope we need to recognize that God is our strength and sustainer. God’s steadfast love never ceases. God never gives up on us. When we come to the end of our ourselves and fall short, God’s mercy is there every day. Know that God wants to see you and be near you everyday. Stay connected to the true source of power, God , and grace, mercy and love will be yours


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