Connecting with the Holy Spirit

How do you connect with the Holy Spirit? Does the Spirit touch you in worship? Beyond just hearing the Word, we are called to feel it as well. How can we use all of our senses so that we see, taste and feel God’s power among us?

Every Sunday our congregation passes the peace. I see people shaking hands and hugging.

I feel the power in those touches.

Those touches are powerful and vital. For some of our member’s they may be the only touch they receive during the week.

This is but one of the ways that God breaks into our presence and can be physically felt. It is a tactile way for God’s presence to be real and inviting.

Sometimes an eyebrow is raised at such demonstrations or I hear a discouraging word but this is a healthy part of our faith community. If we are to grow in our faith walk as God’s people, we need to be stimulated and be touched by the Spirt!


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