Let God Shine Through You in Prayer

When do you pray? Do you pray when you are anxious about something that arises in life? Do you say your prayers when you feel that you have been blessed and are especially thankful? I find myself reading to pray many times throughout the day.

Lately, I have been saying my prayers very early in the morning as I am sitting up against a tree while chasing turkeys. With my back up against a tree I begin to draw close to God in my prayer life. I will begin with acknowledging my love for God and offer thanks for the beauty of creation. I ask forgiveness for the things that I have done that I regret. I ask God to watch over my loved ones and to help me with the tasks of the day. Often, I pray for those of you reading this as I ask God to be with you and to watch over you.

When I ask myself why I pray, the answer is simple. I love God and when you love someone you want to spend time together. I relish the time that I spend drawing close to God and God giving me the strength and courage to face the day. I am not asking for a list of favors or begging God for something. My prayers have more to do with not me asking for something but rather listening to what God can do through me. In prayer, I listen.

In prayer, I became a better person because I am more attuned God and God’s ways. When I pray I am making myself present to God and God’s presence is felt in a special way. God takes the initiative. God speaks and I listen. God sometimes asks me hard questions and I must answer with what I am doing with my life. God comes to me and I listen.

I am telling you all of this to remind you of the importance of developing a strong prayer life. I want you to take the time to draw close to THE ONE who loves you for who you are. And what God wants for you to be near and dear to you.

I have been near those who have a strong prayer life and there is something about them that stands out. They have a presence about them that allows God to shine through them. Draw close to God. God will embrace you and fill you with love. Let God shine in you!


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