Living and Loving as God’s People

We begin the season of Pentecost by hearing the story about Jesus’ believers forming a new community that became what we call the church. That early community went through growing pains, teachings, learnings and developing the community practices of hospitality, generosity, encouragement, discipline and forgiveness. All of these practices helped them to become Christ like in the way they treated one another and those they encountered as the church grew in size and in spirt.

As we journey forward in Pentecost, we will sit alongside these early community members and marvel as God continues to lead, and as we seek to follow in a world surely in need of God’s ways. We will get glimpses of God’s vision for justice, wholeness and peace for all creation.

The practices and teachings of the early church have become ours today and during the season of Pentecost we are called to grow more into the likeness of Christ. In what practices do you engage in that nurture community, wholeness, and justice? May we build up a community that lives and loves like Christ!


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