A God-created Super Star

“God made…the great light to rule the day…” (Genesis 1:16: NRSV). The first biblical description of Creation reveals that God made the sun—a truly amazing body of light.

At the sun’s center (where the temperature reaches 15 million degrees!), every second, 600 million tons of hydrogen fuse into 596 million tons of helium. The 4 million “missing” tons become sunshine, making life on earth possible. The sun’s magnetic field (which reverses direction every 11 years) and the resulting sunspots and solar flares impact the earth in ways most of us rarely think about.

Writes Dennis Overbye in the New York Times: “In all of recorded history, as far as scientists have been able to tell, the sun’s output has varied by only a tenth of a percent.”

If the sun were more volatile, like many stars, earth would either burn up or freeze at regular intervals. As you spend time outside this summer, give thanks for this bright marvel that God designed.


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