Finding God in your Daily Life

Let’s see, we have celebrated Lent, Easter, and presently, we are in the season of Pentecost. It’s about halfway to Advent and Christmas.

Today is bright, sunny, and muggy. School is almost out and if you are out of school you are ready for some down time. Everyone it seems is ready for a break, a change. Don’t we all deserve a littler personal down time? Our time is precious. Isn’t it a wonder that we have time for God at all?

Even when you factor out how hard you work everyday there’s always something more to do grocery shopping, traffic to contend with, dealing with financial matters, doctor’s appointments, children’s schedules to contend with, and the list goes on and on.

What time do you schedule in your life as God time? We are finding out that more and more people don’t find time for God at all. And at best a prayer here and there and a Sunday worship is the best we have to offer.

But the truth of the matter is that God is part of all of our time. The question now for us Christians is “Where do you find God in your time?” Once I heard it said that “Christians never retire.” None of us ever takes time off from being a Christian. On these hot muggy summer days we do well to remember this.

During these summer days make time to become fully immersed in God’s time and presence. If you do this you should be prepared to be surprised by God even when you are at rest.

Are you ready for a vacation? Don’t find time for God? If you are living a life of faith and discipleship, God is already in the time that you have. Yes, things seem to slow down during the summer but they don’t wind down altogether. Make good use of the time you have with God and your spiritual energy will grow. Can you recognize God in your life while playing in the sun?

Can you recognize God participating in your life while doing daily tasks? Summer is meant to be enjoyed. So enjoy your down time as God walks with you this summer.


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