Father Chuck Files: Welcoming Rev. Lisa Busby

This coming week the Wardens from Emmanuel, St. Andrew’s, and St. Matthew’s will sign a letter of agreement with The Rev. Lisa Busby to be our Associate Rector.

Beginning in October Lisa will share fully with me and others associated in preaching and celebrating at all weekly, weekend and pastoral services, as well as major festivals. Particular care will be given to thinking liturgically and pastorally about the emerging church issues for St. Andrew’s, St. Matthew’s and Emmanuel as we move through this period of transition.

We have been moving forward with this vision of ministry and planning for the future with the aid of Bishop Adams and Judy Fried, who assists parish’s with matters of clergy deployment. We are most appreciative of Bishop Adams for his help in bringing Lisa into our midst to serve alongside of us.

One of the pastoral responsibilities that Lisa will honor this year will involve a ministry with the Diocese of Central New York’s Youth as the Youth Coordinator. Lisa brings many gifts and passions for ministry as she begins a new ministry among us.

In addition to her passion for ministry she has a heart for pastoral care and supporting the life not only of our parish’s but ministry for the Diocese of Central New York.

A part of this journey requires our responsibility to share our skills, gifts, and passions for ministry as we work alongside of Lisa and support her as she begins a new ministry with the people of three parishes here in Chenango County.

I am excited about the possibilities that await us as we venture forward. Pray for this new time in the lives of Emmanuel, St. Andrew’s and St. Matthew’s.


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