147th Convention of Diocese of Central New York

The theme of the convention is: “To Everything a Season.”

I am sure this conjures up thoughts of Ecclesiastes 3:1-15 and the more full sentence, “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.”

My mind also goes straight to Pete Seger who wrote the song, “Turn! Turn! Turn!” using the words from Ecclesiastes, or to the version made famous in 1965 by the folk-rock group, The Byrds. This U.S. number-one hit from 1965 is said to have the oldest lyrics of any song ever ranked on the “Hot 100” chart. It even lists the writers as “Book of Ecclesiastes and Pete Seger.”

The intent of the writer of Ecclesiastes seems to be that everything has its time as determined by God. Seasons come and go. Bishops come and go. This, my last Convention as your diocesan and presider, will be a time of reflection, yes, but it will also be a time to look toward all that is yet to be in God’s grand embrace as we participate in the new creation God is always seeking to build among us. Our time together on this earth is always a voyage of discovery informed by the Spirit’s movement in the past and anticipatory of all that the Spirit will do in the future.

So, please join me and all the other Episcopal faithful who serve just as you do in your local setting in the desire to be faithful to Christ’s mission on earth. I still have close to another year with you as your bishop and our mission, “To be the passionate presence of Christ for one an-other and the world we are called to serve,” goes on.

Grace and peace in Christ,

The Rt. Rev. Gladstone B. Adams III Bishop of Central New York


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