Greetings from Mother Lisa

Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving to all! It is my pleasure to say a heartfelt “Thank You” for this opportunity to minister with you. I look forward to having opportunities to learn about you and get to know each of you. If you haven’t already figured this out about me, I value relationships and community discernment. I enjoy interacting and journeying with people, as it provides an opportunity for Jesus to make an appearance amongst us.

As Mother Teresa so eloquently puts it, “I can do things that you cannot and you can do things that I cannot; together, we can do great things.” I say – let’s get together and do great things! For the next several weeks, I plan to make myself available at the Emmanuel Church office every Wednesday from 1 – 2:30 pm. Please drop by for a chat and/or coffee as you are available. If that doesn’t work with your schedule, or if you would like me to come to you – please call the office, and we can arrange something that works for you. I look forward to “meeting” you and hearing all about you, your family, your journey with Christ, or whatever else is on your heart.

In the past few weeks, several people approached me to ask how I would like to be addressed. I am wondering if there are others with the same question. There is no “right” answer to this question. As I said, relationships are important to me, so I want you to feel comfortable with an address that feels right to you.

I have given this matter a good deal of thought and prayer – I even researched it a little. Many Episcopalians prefer to use the term Father to address their (male) Priest, rather than other titles such as Reverend (seems too formal) or Pastor (which seems too Protestant). If you are looking for a title that is parallel to Father Chuck, then Mother Lisa would be the best choice. If Mother Lisa does not feel right to you, please feel free to simply call me Lisa. Again, I want you to feel comfortable with whatever choice feels right to you.

Lastly, as we look forward to the upcoming Advent season, I am offering an invitation to join me for an Advent series. The 5 week study series is titled, Sent: Delivering the Gift of Hope at Christmas. This series will challenge us through story, art and Bible study to discover how Jesus is calling us to be His hands, feet, head and heart in the world. It is my hope that this is an opportunity to begin the new liturgical year together in prayer and mutual growth. More details to follow in the weekly announcements. I am so grateful to be here with all of you!

-Mother Lisa


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