Father Chuck Files: Be Prepared

I never was a Boy Scout but I like their motto, “Be Prepared.” That’s not a new message by the way, Jesus said it, the Prophets, said it, Advent shouts it out. Be prepared for what?

Before Christmas itself was observed in 336AD, there was a church season that ran from November 11 to January 6. Sorry, no shopping sprees but a kind of winter Lent with emphasis on self-denial and preparation for Baptism. And it wasn’t until the sixth century that the church began to celebrate Christmas as a joyful time for the entry of Christ into the world tempered by a recognition of our sins and shortcomings. And some might say it went downward from there.

“Be Prepared.”

How you might ask, well me, I am planning to take a holiday after the Holy Days of Advent and Christmas. Yep, after this sacred season of Advent, I am going on a holiday. I want to spoil myself and Donna with time away from the ordinary, Footloose, fancy free, and maybe carefree for a short time.

But right now, I am planning on preparing during this Holy Season of Advent by nurturing my spiritual side. Taking time to prepare for slowing down and pointing my Garmin towards the Bethlehem Star.

I enjoy the holiday spirit that goes with this time of year. I love the parties, the giving of gifts and the feeling of love and hope that fills the air. That’s fine to a point.

We are Christians. You and I follow a Savior, and that makes us different. We have a wonderful story to share. A different view of the world and an outlook filled with hope and possibility. How will you prepare?

A Holy Advent and Blessed Christmas to you!


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