A message from Father Hanselman

This is a day that the Lord has made! And I hope that whatever you are faced with, you can be glad that you have this day. I hope that you have a sense of gratitude. It’s not something I can demand of you. It has to spring from your heart. Gratitude works in tandem with faith to make good days sweeter and bad days a bit easier to bear. It is the Spirit of God working in and through you.

I’ve been thinking about things like this since my good friend Fr Chuck passed away. There have been days that it’s been nearly impossible to gratefully accept God’s gift of a new day. But herein lies more evidence of God’s superabundant giving – beautiful days continue to come and go, with or without my gratitude for them. At some point, though, my mood shifts and I find a deep gratitude that God’s gifts continue. And, when I recognize that my own days will eventually come to an end, and I consider all the many people I care for, I am very glad that God’s abundance will continue to bring good days to those who come after me.

I hope my sharing this with you doesn’t simply elicit pity or fear. I hope it strengthens you. The Christian life is a life lived in community – a community of caring, listening and presence.

All that I just shared was part of my newsletter message to my three parishes last month. We continue to think about you and pray for you. Fr Chuck worked hard to create communities of caring and cooperation.

I have been most honored to have had him as a friend, colleague and mentor. It has also been a great honor for me to meet with, talk with and get to know your wardens and some vestry members as we all try to find our way forward.

And we will find our way forward. God will be gracious. How do I know? How can I be certain? Because God already has been so gracious to us in letting us share in Fr Chuck’s ministry. The work that Fr Chuck did and the life that he led were thoroughly Christian. As his brothers and sisters in Christ, we have shared in that work and life. And because Christ continues to live in us and through us, we continue the work that has been given to us – the same work that Chuck had given to him – to love each other as Christ loved us. Blessings to each one of you and may each one of you be a blessing to others!

Fr. Dave Hanselman



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