Vestry update on next steps for Episcopal Parishes

This letter is to inform you of the next step in our ministry as we plan to continue our work in Christ together as Fr. Chuck so often asked of us. Fr. Mark Thompson will be coming to visit our parishes from July 22 to July 25, 2016. He will lead the joint Eucharistic Service at Emmanuel on Sunday, July 24, 2016 at9:30 AM.

Fr. Mark is an experienced priest who has served both as a rector in charge of a parish as well as an interim rector. Bishop Adams has spoken with Fr. Mark and has also spoken with the Bishop of Minnesota. Bishop Adams highly recommends Fr. Mark to the vestries of Emmanuel, St. Matthew’s, and St. Andrew’s as a long-term priest-in-charge. Bishop Adams believes that a skilled interim priest is in the best in-terest of each of your parishes. The appointment would likely be for a period of 3 to 5 years. Please know that Bishop Adams is not requiring that you select Fr. Mark as an interim priest. We do know that Fr. Mark has the experience and might be a good interim priest to work with your parishes.

However, this is a decision that you and he will have to discern. The Vestries will be showing Fr. Mark all three church properties. He will meet with the wardens to discuss details on the role of Priest-In-Charge and Interim Rector. Besides the cof-fee hour after church, there may be some social events for parishioners to get a chance to visit and get to know Fr. Mark in a casual setting. Details on social events will be shared later as they become secure. Fr. Mark did share that he is a 54 year old single man with no family, originally from a small town in Vermont and would like to move closer to his mother. Please plan on attending the service at Emmanuel on July 24. Each person should make an effort to get to know Fr. Mark while he is here, and to pray for him and for our parishes as we discern God’s will for our future.


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