Unadilla Valley Food Pantry, Report for collaborating churches

Prepared by J. Westcott 8-29-16

The Unadilla Valley Food Pantry has been open since May 23. Since that time we have enrolled and served 14 families. The volunteers come from First United Methodist Church, St. Theresa’s Roman Catholic Church, St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church and St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church.

The volunteers have cleaned and reorganized the food pantry making it a more attractive and useful space. Foods have been grouped by type and cards instruct the clients how much of each food group they should choose.

Initially, the clients were families who were known to Fr. Chuck. Over the past few months, more new families have come, brought by word of mouth or publicity through the Pennysaver and a sign placed on the lawn when we are open.

Most families consist of 2 adults, are older and at least one person is working. Families are asked about their usual food payment mechanism and most have Food Stamps. Some do not qualify for this benefit. We encourage them to use the pantry as a supplemental food source, but in longer months and by the end of a month, we have seen more repeat use.

We have been very fortunate over the summer. The school held a food drive which brought in a lot of food. Some of this was shared with the South Town Food Pantry in South New Berlin. NYCM- Sherburne Office also held a food drive and we received some of that. A golf league in Edmeston held a benefit tournament which brought in money as well as food.

At this point, we would like you to begin to think about fall food donations. We are well stocked with vegetables, pastas, condiments and soup. But we could use the following:

  • Small syrup (not a gallon container), Pancake mix, Cereal, including oatmeal, Bottled and canned juice, Canned fruit, Personal care items – shampoo, toothpaste, toilet paper, Peanut butter, Spaghetti sauce – regular sizes, Baking mixes such as muffins, small Bisquick. We also dispense pet food when we have it.

I cannot stress enough the work the volunteers have done. The pantry is a new place thanks to them.


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