Lenten Bible Study

Join us for a 6 week Lenten Bible study beginning Wednesday evening March 8, 2017 at Emmanuel Episcopal Church. We will be using the study materials “40 Days of Community: by Rev. Rick Warren. This study will explore how we, the body of Christ, can deepen the love within our church family and then, by reaching out in love, we can impact the community around us.

We will examine the five reasons we need each other to fulfill God’s purposes for our lives. The five purposes are:

1. We fellowship better together!

2. We grow better together!

3. We serve better together!

4. We worship better together!

5. We reach out better together!

This study is open to everyone. We do however, ask that you call Emmanuel Episcopal Church at 334-8801 to register so that we will be able to purchase enough study guides.

See you Wednesday evening 6:00 PM at Emmanuel Episcopal Church. Feel free to bring your sup-per. We will take a little time to eat and get to know each other then have our discussion time. I look for-ward to getting to know you better. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Claudia Kachmarik 607 242-1338 ckach14@gmail.com


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