Our Daily Bread Food Closet Annual Narrative Report 2016

Our Daily Bread Food Closet is located at Emmanuel Episcopal Church. A number of parishioners from many churches assist with the operation as volunteers and a number of parishioners from many churches make generous monetary donations to this effort. It is important to be aware that all money given to the Closet goes directly to food. There are no overhead costs and no paid staff. Funds are raised from individuals and from foundation grants. Further and indeed, much of the food stocked by the Closet is ordered from the Central New York Food Bank at a very, very, very low cost. When necessary, additional food is acquired locally.

Last year $65,786 was spent on food. That comes out to $5,482 a month. Hence, the Pantry needed to raise $5,482 each month to keep the shelves stocked. Last year we helped a total of 2,414 household/families and 65,169 meals were provided. That math is easy. If we spent $65,786 each meal we distributed costs slightly more than $1 per meal.

What all these numbers actually tell us is a real need is there. Further, one thing the volunteers realize is many of the clients who access the Food Closet do so only once or twice a year, when the need is severe. What that also tells us is people are, generally, not accessing this resource to “rip off the system.” Indeed, at a recent meeting of volunteers this story was told: For several months in a row a man has brought in boxes of food. Why? Several years ago, when he was down on his luck, he needed to access the Closet. This was his way of paying back. Our Daily Bread Food Closet is always open to accepting monetary contributions from individuals, no matter how large or small. The Pantry is also open to recruiting additional volunteers. To volunteer contact Emmanuel Church at 334-8801. The Central NY Food Bank Truck arrives three Thursdays a month. Volunteers are also welcome to join that group.

Food Pantry Hours:

Monday & Wednesday 10-12 and

3:30 to 5:00 p.m. Friday 10-12


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