Prayer Book 101 — A Romp Through the Prayer Book

As Episcopalians we are all familiar with the red book in our pews. The Book of Common Prayer is what makes us who we are as Anglicans. It’s what connects us to others in our denomination. But it’s more than just Eucharistic Prayer C or the Rite of Baptism or Burial for the Dead. The Prayer Book IS our theology. Everything we be-lieve as Christians is found somewhere in the Bible, but HOW we believe it is found in the Prayer Book.

Come join Fr. Steve during Advent and Christmas (and maybe some Epiphany) as he explores the cherished liturgies, prayers, and documents that make up our common faith in our Book of Com-mon Prayer. Part history class, part theology class, always fun. You’ll learn something you didn’t know every time you attend.

Classes will begin December 6 and continue until Epiphany and will be held at St. Andrew’s at 7:00 p.m.—8:00 p.m. each Wednesday. There is no cost and no materials (other than a prayer book, and we’ve got those).


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