The Tasting Tea at St. Matthew’s

On November 5, 2017, the 47th annual Tasting Tea was held at St. Matthew’s Church, South New Berlin. The idea of having such an event was first brought to the ECW in 1971 by Christine Preston, who was an active member of the group at the church. She had read about a Tasting Tea in Yankee Magazine and convinced the ladies that it could be done here. Thus, every year crafts are made in the parish hall at “Work Bees”. Those having no skills can’t escape, for some unskilled labor will be found for them! It is a wonderful opportunity for fellowship. Formerly, a cookbook was sold containing all the recipes for the foods to be tasted. Because of the prevalence of cell phones these days, we simply posted recipes to be photographed this time.

All present enjoyed visiting with each other and tasting the different foods, while shopping in a fun atmos-phere. St. Matthew’s ECW thanks all who supported this event. The proceeds will go towards our Christmas Do-nations, such as the Spirit of Christmas in New Berlin.


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