Kid’s Sunday School – Lent in a Bag

There will be a focus on four symbols for our children who come to the Sunday classes during Lent this year, on Feb. 18th, Mar. 4th, Mar. 11th and Mar. 18th at Emmanuel Episcopal Each child will be given a large bag to hold the four symbols for them to take them home as a package just before Palm Sun-day. This is called “Lent in a bag.” The first symbol is sand, to represent the wilderness where Jesus went to pray and be close to God. I pray that the glue will keep most of the sand in the box, but each package will also con-tain a sealed plastic bag of loose sand to be added at home, with parents’ permission.

The second symbol is a rock, actually a small stone, too big to swallow. We will talk about how Jesus faced the temptation of tasty bread when he was hungry, because the power of God could transform a rock into bread. We will have some fresh bread to snack on as we consider the hardness of the rock and the softness of the bread, while talking about people with ‘hard hearts’ or ‘soft hearts’.

Next the children will have a wooden human figure to decorate as they wish, with cloth and ribbons, or twine. This is the human form of God in Jesus and we will talk about how we try to be like Jesus in the things we do, like praying, smiling, hugging, helping and loving.

The final symbol is a candle and to be safe we will use flameless tea candles. These represent Jesus being the Light of the World. So when your child brings home their Lent-in-a-bag, please take the time to pull out all the symbols and ask them about the meaning as you set up the wilderness box where it can be seen until Easter Sunday.


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