Tidbits – Aug. 2018

1. General Convention

So, this year (actually starting to-day) the General Convention of the Episcopal Church is meeting in Austin, Texas. This gathering occurs every three years and is made up of hundreds of deputies and bishops from around the ECUSA. In the past, these conventions have been contentious, touching on things that tend to divide us. And while the deputies do love a good argument, much of the convention this year promises to be more process-oriented than focused on social issues.

The major topics so far will be 1) prayer book revision (don’t be anxious—this process takes years, even if the convention decides to pursue it), 2) whether to pay the President of the House of Deputies (this job has grown to a full-time position and she does the work for free), 3) increas-ing the retirement age of priests to 75, and 4) a response to the #metoo movement.

Given the extreme temperatures outside the convention center, this year, things promise to be somewhat cool inside.

2. Construction Projects

Well, things seem to be winding up around our three churches. At Emmanuel we’ve installed a new security system that will be operational later in July. This change will be awkward for a few days as people will discover that their old keys no longer work and that they need a new entry card or fob. If you have fallen through the cracks on this, please contact the office so we can work with you.

St. Matthew’s has a new parking lot that no longer becomes a lake whenever it sprinkles. And St. Andrew’s now has new sidewalks and an entry ramp for easier access. They will be working on some handicapped parking near the parish hall at a later date.

3. Flower Angels

For the folks at Emmanuel, I hope you will read the news blurb about Flower Angels. We really need some of you to step up and help with this. We have all these beautiful flowers that just go to waste after the service. It would take an extra ten minutes of your time on Sunday to sign up to take the flowers after the service to the assisted living facility just a few blocks up the road. Emmanuel will provide the vases; you just need to provide the car and drop them off. Please consider this, and call the office if you are willing to be part of the Flower Angel schedule.

4. Finally — Thank you

Last July 1st was my first day on the job as your rector. It’s been a year now, and I have to say that I have enjoyed it so much.

All of you have been so welcoming to me, making sure that I knew where to get spicy food, keeping tabs on me during my first winter, bringing me sweet corn, and trying your best to make sweet tea in the undrinkable way we do down south.

As I travel around this foreign land, I realize how truly blessed I have been to be called here, and after just one year, I feel like it’s home.

Well, that’s it mostly. Summer is kinda slow and sultry, even up here. So, go out, have fun, but remember — keep loving God and your neighbor.

Fr. Steve


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