Walk the Walk

Most of the year, it’s easy to walk with Jesus. Well, you know what I mean. It’s never easy to walk with an incarnate God. I mean we always look a little less capable in comparison to Jesus. And other people, ridiculing us or (worse!) ignoring us — well, that can be a drag. And … Continue reading

Tidbits – Aug. 2018

1. General Convention So, this year (actually starting to-day) the General Convention of the Episcopal Church is meeting in Austin, Texas. This gathering occurs every three years and is made up of hundreds of deputies and bishops from around the ECUSA. In the past, these conventions have been contentious, touching on things that tend to … Continue reading

Busy Summer, Y’all

So, there’s going to be a lot of stuff happening around the Northern Kingdom this summer. To begin, there’s going to be con-struction or major work at each of the churches. St. Matthew’s is going to be get-ting a new parking lot. St. Andrew’s is re-constructing all of its access points with new walkways, handicapped … Continue reading

Nave Gazing – Shrove Tuesday

So, what is Shrove Tuesday, and why do we eat pancakes ? The name “Shrove Tuesday” derives from the old Middle English word ‘Shrive’ meaning to absolve someone for sins. Shrovetide (the week before Lent) was a time when folks went to confession before Lent began. As time went by, most people (like we do … Continue reading

So, What Is This Lent Thing?

Ask any good liturgical soul (like an Epis-copalian) what Lent is all about, and you’ll get dozens of answers. “It’s about giving up something because Christ gave up his life for us.” “It’s about being sorry for your sins in a special way.” “It’s about 40 days of denial, just like Jesus denied himself in … Continue reading

Presence, Not Presents

Warning: This Article Is NOT Safe for Little Kids Waiting for Santa When I was a little kid, about four years old, I remember waking up late on Christ-mas Eve to the sound of my father swear-ing. This wasn’t unusual, but it was late, and I was afraid he would chase off Santa. So, I … Continue reading

What Adventure Awaits?

By the time you get this newsletter, we will be well within our Stewardship “campaign.” And I know, I know, it can be a drag hearing pleas for your money, along with your time and talent. But let me tell you a little bit about why I actually came to Central New York. It was … Continue reading

Rhythms by Fr. Steve

So, I’m a little over two months into my move up here, and I have to say I have been amazed at all the hospitality I’ve been shown by y’all. It has made being a stranger in a strange land such an easier feat that I thought possible. I’ve been driving around a bunch, exploring … Continue reading