News from Hospice & Palliative Care of Chenango County

Dear Friends of Hospice, Hospice was started in the late 1980’s by a group of people with a vision for end of life care in Chenango County. With the help of our community, we bought our first home at 21 Hayes Street in 1955. Since then we have been supporting, educating, comforting, and empowering those … Continue reading

Reminder from Fr. Steve

Many of us, as we get older, have managed to form some sort of funeral plan. We have our plot purchased; we’ve arranged things with a funeral home; we’ve paid fees and decided what we want on our tombstones. Some of us have even written our own obituaries! But how many of us have sat … Continue reading

Lenten Soup Supper

We will return to St. Matthew’s this year, for Wednesday evening soup suppers during Lent, followed by Compline. The plan here is to rotate among the three churches each year. So, watch out, St. Andrew’s and Emmanuel — your turn is coming!!! Watch your email and Sunday bulletins for more information.

Walk the Walk

Most of the year, it’s easy to walk with Jesus. Well, you know what I mean. It’s never easy to walk with an incarnate God. I mean we always look a little less capable in comparison to Jesus. And other people, ridiculing us or (worse!) ignoring us — well, that can be a drag. And … Continue reading

News Around the Kingdom – July/August 2018

Father Steve has started a new Bible/Book Study. This class will be driven by choices of the participants (and occasionally priest). We have begun by Fr. Steve leading a multi-week study of the Book of Esther. As he says, “Esther is a story about exactly all the things you don’t think it’s about. It’s like … Continue reading

Hot Dogs are Good for the Soul

Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Norwich, NY sup-ports a program call Soul Kitchen, a seasonal monthly free meal for the community of Norwich. From Septem-ber through May each year, on the second Thursday of the month, Emmanuel volunteers prepare and serve a hot meal in the Parish Hall for any and all who show up. Some favorite … Continue reading

Tidbits – Aug. 2018

1. General Convention So, this year (actually starting to-day) the General Convention of the Episcopal Church is meeting in Austin, Texas. This gathering occurs every three years and is made up of hundreds of deputies and bishops from around the ECUSA. In the past, these conventions have been contentious, touching on things that tend to … Continue reading

Make a Joyful Noise

The people of God sing. After escaping from the Egyptians and crossing the Red Sea, the people of Israel sang a song to the Lord. In fact this song, the Song of Miriam, is the oldest piece of Hebrew scripture in existence. Singing was part of Israel’s formal worship in both tabernacle and tem-ple. Then … Continue reading

Busy Summer, Y’all

So, there’s going to be a lot of stuff happening around the Northern Kingdom this summer. To begin, there’s going to be con-struction or major work at each of the churches. St. Matthew’s is going to be get-ting a new parking lot. St. Andrew’s is re-constructing all of its access points with new walkways, handicapped … Continue reading

Good Friday Services

There will be two Good Friday settings in 2018, listed below: St. Andrews will have Stations of the Cross at 11 a.m., Liturgy at noon. Emmanuel will have Stations of the Cross at 5 p.m., Liturgy at 6 p.m. Please consider coming to the Stations of the Cross and then spending some time in quiet … Continue reading