The message of an angel

This year Ash Wednesday is the first day of March, which will set a penitential tone for the month as the Season of Lent begins. The Book of Common Prayer states that we are invited to the observance of a holy Lent, by self-examination and repentance, by prayer, fasting, and self-denial, and by reading and … Continue reading


Emmanuel’s Sunday School class will be meeting at 4:15 p.m. for 45 minutes on six Sundays for Christian Formation and fun. The classes will include stories from the Lectionary Lessons while building a model, making gifts, and learning about loving all of God’s creation. Refreshments will be served; like juice, pizza and cookies. All children … Continue reading

Shrove Tuesday: Pancake Day submitted by Cheryl TenWolde

In the Early Church, the Season of Lent began as a special discipline for the catechumens. New Christians were required to prepare themselves for their Baptism on Easter by fasting, study, and prayer. They had to prove themselves worthy to be part of the Body of Christ. Soon other Christians began to join these learners, … Continue reading

In God We Trust submitted by Jeanne Westcott

I am in Naples, Florida for the month. While here, I like to visit other churches to see what kinds of programs they have and how they fare. The North Naples Church is a favorite place to go. Today the message was given by Pastor Kent Millard and I would like to share his message … Continue reading

Annual Meeting is Jan. 29

The annual meeting of Emmanuel Episcopal Church will be held Sunday January 29, 2017 following service. All vestry members whose term expires this year have agreed to continue to serve. We feel this is important in order to maintain continuity during this challenging time. Previously we have had nine Vestry members. Currently, we have six. … Continue reading

Christ Shining Through by Cheryl TenWolde

This month as we enter Epiphany, it becomes apparent to us that the days are feeling visibly longer; what began with the Winter Solstice is now being manifested more and more each day. The word “epiphany” means the lowest point of light shining forth. The beginning of the season of Epiphany is a public holiday … Continue reading

[PHOTOS] Thanksgiving Dinner at Emmanuel

See the photos from Thanksgiving dinner at Emmanuel. Thank you to all those who volunteered.