Sunday School

A welcome letter will be sent to all the children of Emmanuel Church regarding the beginning of Sunday School classes. which will include the following information and more. (including a calendar of scheduled class days). Please be watching for your letter.

Sunday School will start in September this year. Lynne Walton will be the leader again this year. The classes will run from Sept. 22, 2013 through June 8, 2014, except for “5th Sundays”, the Sunday before Christmas, and Easter Sunday. The class time is the same as the service time for Emmanuel, and the children will be escorted down to the Church for communion with their families.

On September 15th, there will be an open house from 9:15 AM to 11:00 AM. Parents and children are welcome to visit the classroom any time before, or after the service. Children can stay in the classroom during the service if they wish. There will be snacks, games, and crafts.

If anyone has questions or wishes to sign up a child ahead of time, please call Lynne at 607-337-0914 or call the Church Office at 607-334-8801 to leave a message with Linda DeLong.



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